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First Class Legacy for the next generation

First Class Legacy for the next generation

dear youngers a6 side 2a6 rgb

The power of Social Media is being used to challenge and change attitudes of Mental Health among young men.

First Class Legacy – a youth & Community engagement service; aim to be the bridge between the mainstream and grassroots communities by building a presence through a medium that young people can relate to.

They are soon to launch the ‘Dear Younger’s’ project, a peer to peer support outreach service. It will use creative arts as an engagement tool by creating music, videos and forums to deliver positive messages that empower and inspire young people. The content will be produced by young people and will tackle emotional and social issues that many of their peers face.

The hope is that these online resources will encourage young people to network and talk to each other about what they have seen and like and share content to enable maximum exposure.

The project director, Nathan Dennis said, “In order to equip young people with practical skills to build their resilience to mental health, you have to meet them where they’re at, in an environment that they are most comfortable.

Research suggests that young people cannot go 10 minutes without checking their social media through their phones. So what better way to try and engage them than by bringing our service to where they spend most of their time?

The Dear Younger’s project will be supported by Bringing Hope – a charity supporting vulnerable people in need of a second chance, Silent Screams – a project aimed at encouraging men to be more vocal about their issues and also Carpe Diem Counselling services.

Peer mentors with real life experience of many of the emotional struggles and challenges that young people face will be on hand to help deliver the programme.

Nathan said, “By hearing the positive messages in our music and video’s we hope to encourage young people to seek support early and also to not be afraid to ask for it.

It’s important for us to use peer mentors who look, sound and speak like the people we are trying to target, showing that it’s ok to struggle sometimes or ask for help.”

You can find out more online by searching First Class Youth Legacy on Facebook and Twitter.

First Class Legacy is a Birmingham based organisation led by husband and wife team, Nathan and Sabrina Dennis.

The younger’s project is A real talk & advice project for young men to help them keep their mind right & emotions in check during the different struggles that life can bring

They aim to have a presence via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram