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This year has seen the re-emergence of First Class, like in Greek mythology, with the Phoenix Bird, First Class has had a form of rebirth of the brand with the uniting of hearts and minds of husband & wife team Sabrina & Nathan Dennis to bring a new life by arising from the foundations & experiences of its predecessor First Class Youth 2006-2011 PhotoGrid_1412420261784


It’s been a very challenging but interesting time for the couple that balances their business life between family lives, while raising 4 beautiful daughters. But with Faith, Love, Fun & Laughter between them they have managed to do some good work and created First Class Legacy “leaving the world better than we found it”






Tapped into the roots & foundation of First Class by hosting its 1st Youth Empowerment Conference #GROWN Grown flyerworking with KPMG under their CSR remit was about creating a positive, inspiring environment to allow disadvantaged young people to “Think Outside the Box” and having the right tools & environment to grow and become the best they could become by utilising Key inspirational Leaders & speakers as part of the delivery


We also had the opportunity to organise & promote Practitioners event on behalf of local Birmingham Charity Bringing Hope

who recently celebrated 10 years in service helping those effected by serious crime or whose lives have be impacted by the Criminal Justice System.  We have secured a contract with Bringing Hope to help deliver some of their Criminal Justice support work to those in Prison & Community through their interactive & life changing Damascus Road Programme. For more information about Bringing Hope email: info@bringinghope.co.uk


FCL created & supported with the creation of a new website www.ritesofpassageproductions.co.uk for a new Film & Production Company Rites of Passage Productions, headed up by Husband & Wife Couple Daniel & Husanna Anderson, who this year won an Award for the ground breaking documentary #InsideOut that looks at the behind scenes challenges of those resettling from Prison back into society. That was created in partnership with Bringing Hope



Media support & advice with community engagement, on behalf of the Time to Change 300 Voices project, England’s biggest mental health anti-stigma campaign

We created TTC_Preferred& captured through digital media & engagement some of the amazing work the 300 voices project have done. From grass roots community to senior Councillors from Birmingham City Council, to senior medical Practitioners from Royal College of Psychiatrists, to local students from the University College Birmingham and lecturers it has been a busy roller coaster year for us at First Class Legacy.


Vox pops footage part 1 from Birmingham Council House 


We are truly grateful for every opportunity given to us so far to work with some absolutely incredible people, Companies and Organisations.

We take nothing for granted in this difficult time and we look forward to continuing to work you & with new people, organisations and Companies that are interested in working with us.

Through our different range of services


Consultancy: Expert advice around Community Engagement, Creativity ideas

Media via Video Production

Community Research

Events: Planning, Organising, Promoting & Hosting

Training: Tailor made

Public Speaking: Engage different types of audience from young people to professionals

For more information on how we could help you email: info@fclegacy.co.uk or call 07462 236868

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Kitchen Table Talks is here

KitchenTableTalks Main


Hope you are well

I am currently working on a new project that will be working with young girls aged 11+ those who are in year 7 and above, hosting & delivering a series of forums in the South Birmingham area.

The forum will look at the “5 laws of self”:

1 self worth
2 self control
3 self esteem
4 self confidence
5 self discipline

Set around a kitchen table, with refreshments, drinks, games, where girls will be empowered, inspired, challenged and to identify her sense of purpose.

The forum also aim to be that safe Haven where young girls can come, ask questions and more importantly, be themselves, make friends and have fun.

This would be perfect for young girls who are identified as at risk of exclusion, displaying low mental and emotional resilience and/or who are at risk of under achieving, however no young girl will be exempt from the forums.

***No Boys allowed!***

This will officially start on the 24th Feb 2017

For Adults why not come to our  Kitchen Table Talks Launch Event on:
Friday 17th February 2017
The Creative Coffee Hub

For all women in a society where more and more, we are forced to work long hours, and spend countless hours on devices looking at celebrity profiles and “poking” people virtually, these valued conversations are all too quickly becoming a thing of the past.
Let’s talk about your purpose, your health, wealth and your happiness, with likeminded women who are all striving towards the same thing, over delicious dessert!
Come and join the conversation, meet new people and enjoy dessert!


About Sabrina Dennis

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/sabrina-dennis-7231b233

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustSdennis

“You can have your cake & eat it”

Mother of 4, Wife of 1 baker of cakes, nurse to the dentist, lover of Jesus, director of 4 businesses, teacher to children, jack of all trades, master of one-Speaking, using real life stories and examples that educate and equip.

I am a unique woman with an insatiable passion for seeing women reach their full potential, believing that we have the power to succeed no matter what the circumstance.

Displaying this through my determination to empower every woman I come into contact with by delivering thought provoking speeches, challenging workshops and life altering coaching sessions.

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Yours sincerely
First Class Legacy
For more information contact Sabrina Dennis

First Class Legacy

Tel: 07462264030, or email info@fclegacy.co.uk

Thank you


#SpokenWord for the CCRC



New Spoken Word video we have created to communicate with young people on behalf of the Criminal Cases Review Commission an independent public body set up to review possible miscarriages of justice to decide if they should be referred to an appeal court. It has jurisdiction over criminal cases at any Magistrates’ or Crown Court in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their main job is to review the cases of those that feel they have been wrongly convicted of criminal offences, or unfairly sentenced.

The CCRC made the spoken word video with us to help them reach young people with convictions, because they get far fewer applications from people under 18.

They receive an even lower proportion from under 18s from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) population who make up around 45% of under 18s in custody.

The video seeks to reflect the facts on the ground so that it stands the best chance of reaching vulnerable young people with convictions who may need to know who the CCRC are and what they do so that they can make a properly informed decision about whether they need more information about, or even apply to, the CCRC

Need help to communicate your message to young people or  new diverse  audiences
Email: info@fclegacy.co.uk at First Class Legacy for more information

Directed & produced by: https://twitter.com/fclegacyuk

Written & spoken by: https://twitter.com/DanmanSSQUAD

Please feel free to share this information

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First Class Legacy for the next generation

First Class Legacy for the next generation

dear youngers a6 side 2a6 rgb

The power of Social Media is being used to challenge and change attitudes of Mental Health among young men.

First Class Legacy – a youth & Community engagement service; aim to be the bridge between the mainstream and grassroots communities by building a presence through a medium that young people can relate to.

They are soon to launch the ‘Dear Younger’s’ project, a peer to peer support outreach service. It will use creative arts as an engagement tool by creating music, videos and forums to deliver positive messages that empower and inspire young people. The content will be produced by young people and will tackle emotional and social issues that many of their peers face.

The hope is that these online resources will encourage young people to network and talk to each other about what they have seen and like and share content to enable maximum exposure.

The project director, Nathan Dennis said, “In order to equip young people with practical skills to build their resilience to mental health, you have to meet them where they’re at, in an environment that they are most comfortable.

Research suggests that young people cannot go 10 minutes without checking their social media through their phones. So what better way to try and engage them than by bringing our service to where they spend most of their time?

The Dear Younger’s project will be supported by Bringing Hope – a charity supporting vulnerable people in need of a second chance, Silent Screams – a project aimed at encouraging men to be more vocal about their issues and also Carpe Diem Counselling services.

Peer mentors with real life experience of many of the emotional struggles and challenges that young people face will be on hand to help deliver the programme.

Nathan said, “By hearing the positive messages in our music and video’s we hope to encourage young people to seek support early and also to not be afraid to ask for it.

It’s important for us to use peer mentors who look, sound and speak like the people we are trying to target, showing that it’s ok to struggle sometimes or ask for help.”

You can find out more online by searching First Class Youth Legacy on Facebook and Twitter.

First Class Legacy is a Birmingham based organisation led by husband and wife team, Nathan and Sabrina Dennis.

The younger’s project is A real talk & advice project for young men to help them keep their mind right & emotions in check during the different struggles that life can bring

They aim to have a presence via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram