Specialist in youth & community engagement


    Specialist thought leader and Consultants in behaviour change. Helping companies think differently about how they engage diverse, young people & communities.

    Operating as a professional consultancy service; placing a higher emphasis on the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of service.

    We are an award winning company and our experience stretches over 12 years


    Using our values based approach, we stimulate your thinking to challenge the “normal” patterns of behaviour in your organisation.  Working with you we develop ideas that will help you to achieve your outcomes.   Unlike other organisations we don’t tell you what to do but rather help you to do it, using communication, environment and practical tools to influence positive behaviour change leading positive impact and real results.

    Faith, Love, Time, Trust, Passion, Integrity, Fun & Laughter

    Culturally competent we work with large Charities, Public & Private sector clients

    First Class Team

    Nathan Dennis

    Nathan Dennis

    Co Director

    I am a dynamic leader, and Award Winning Social Entrepreneur, and Youth & Community specialist Consultant.
    I connect you to young people & local communities, using years of experience, of helping many different companies more effectively engage, connect and build lasting relationships with those deemed traditionally hard to reach.
    I have a Global vision, my values based, methodology and theory of change ensures that both clients and their services users win and get the results they require, by inspiring, empowering and training staff teams on how to improve their engagement & diversity awareness. I do this by creating a fun and innovative learning environment that inspires learning & encourages fresh new ideas thereby creating solutions to problems My Strategic thinking and entrepreneurial leadership helps me to navigate through any problem to help others produce solutions. I use excellent communication skills, to share the vision with others to ensure I get the best results from all shareholders and teams

    This has led to real impact and produced fantastic results across a wider range of industries, some of which include the Criminal justice system, Health, Education, Arts and Construction

    I regularly speak in different educational institutions sharing principles from our Education 4 Life programme that we have developed to help students at different key stages, as legacy is our business, we travel the country inspiring young people by sharing our story, our struggles & our success to inspire a generation to believe in the impossible. I work by a set of values, they are Faith, Love, Time, Fun & Laughter, share, integrity I make sure that they are centre to everything I do.

    At the core of me is the love for my Wife, Children and wanting to leave a First Class Legacy for generations to come to have access to better opportunities in life.

    If you would like to learn and read more about our work

    Please do not hesitate to get contact I would love to here from you

    Sabrina Dennis

    Sabrina Dennis

    Operations Director

    A professional in the field of project management. She has the responsibility of the planning, execution and closing of any project, typically relating to community engagement, outreach, training and consultancy.

    I believe "You can have your cake & eat it"

    Mother of 4, Wife of 1 baker of cakes I also love speaking, using real life stories and examples that educate and equip.

    I am a unique woman with an insatiable passion for seeing women reach their full potential, believing that we have the power to succeed no matter what the circumstance.

    Displaying this through my determination to empower every woman I come into contact with by delivering thought provoking speeches, challenging workshops and life altering coaching sessions.

    If you would like to learn and read more about our work

    Please do not hesitate to get contact I would love to here from you

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