Kitchen Table Talks

On Thursday 25th April 2019, we hosted the very first Kitchen Table Talks Roundtable event. We had parents that we have been engaging with over the past 18 months on behalf of Sandwell Children’s Trust, in relation to the Youth Offending Service, in attendance, as well as other key services.

This was the first opportunity of its kind to really conversate, not only with Sandwell YOS but also other key services that have provisions for young people. The parents that we have engaged with, have all at some point and do still have a child involved in the service – but they have never had the chance to share their thoughts, feelings, concerns and solutions to those that have been working with their children.

It was an honour to facilitate something like this and to see parents empowered to share their truths with the people who hold the power and keys to change. This was a real opportunity to change behaviour not only in the system but also in the parents. We look forward to the next phase of delivery where parent and service interaction will be high on the agenda.