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I am currently working on a new project that will be working with young girls aged 11+ those who are in year 7 and above, hosting & delivering a series of forums in the South Birmingham area.

The forum will look at the “5 laws of self”:

1 self worth
2 self control
3 self esteem
4 self confidence
5 self discipline

Set around a kitchen table, with refreshments, drinks, games, where girls will be empowered, inspired, challenged and to identify her sense of purpose.

The forum also aim to be that safe Haven where young girls can come, ask questions and more importantly, be themselves, make friends and have fun.

This would be perfect for young girls who are identified as at risk of exclusion, displaying low mental and emotional resilience and/or who are at risk of under achieving, however no young girl will be exempt from the forums.

***No Boys allowed!***

This will officially start on the 24th Feb 2017

For Adults why not come to our  Kitchen Table Talks Launch Event on:
Friday 17th February 2017
The Creative Coffee Hub

For all women in a society where more and more, we are forced to work long hours, and spend countless hours on devices looking at celebrity profiles and “poking” people virtually, these valued conversations are all too quickly becoming a thing of the past.
Let’s talk about your purpose, your health, wealth and your happiness, with likeminded women who are all striving towards the same thing, over delicious dessert!
Come and join the conversation, meet new people and enjoy dessert!


About Sabrina Dennis



“You can have your cake & eat it”

Mother of 4, Wife of 1 baker of cakes, nurse to the dentist, lover of Jesus, director of 4 businesses, teacher to children, jack of all trades, master of one-Speaking, using real life stories and examples that educate and equip.

I am a unique woman with an insatiable passion for seeing women reach their full potential, believing that we have the power to succeed no matter what the circumstance.

Displaying this through my determination to empower every woman I come into contact with by delivering thought provoking speeches, challenging workshops and life altering coaching sessions.

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