Kitchen Table Talks Practical Tips

Let’s Address It – Practical tips

Thank you for attending our ‘Let’s Address It’ event on Thursday 28th November 2019, we are extremely grateful for your support and attendance on the day.

As promised, we have attached the practical tips and solutions below, that we know will help us to take back control in our community.

This practical toolkit will equip parents, so they know how to address certain situations and important concerns regarding their children. This toolkit seeks to provide parents with the support and guidance they may need when dealing with difficult issues.

We have put together a quick list of things you can do to combat the issues we discussed at the event.

  • Talk through with your child how to do deal with scenarios, for example someone approaching you on the bus or walking down the street – tell them the things they need to be aware of, the importance and wisdom of taking risks and being resilient, as well as what they need to look out for. Be specific and encourage them to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Do you know where your children are, straight after school? Know the HOTSPOTS (e.g KFC, McDonalds) and tell your children to go straight home. Is it possible to pick up your children up after school?
  • Talk through your children’s music playlist with your child, raise awareness of the language they are hearing and the imagery they are watching when they look at the videos. Explain the unconscious effects it can have on their mindset and their behaviour.
  • Check and count all the knives in your house and dispose of the knives you don’t need. If parents only have 4 knives they are more likely to know when one goes missing.
  • Check the dress code of your child – do they look dressed like a suspect or a prospect?
  • Sit down with your children’s friends: ask them who they are, what are they doing with themselves and get contact details for their family – this improves the communication loop between all parties.
  • Teach your children how to speak to the authority and those older than you – let’s get back to basic respect.
  • If they have more than one mobile phone, ask why?

Below are some useful links to videos and organisations that are available to support you and your family.

Please also visit the First Class Legacy Youtube channel, there you will find many more videos and resources that you can share:

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Thank you to all of those who have given, who have stood by us and are committed to working with us to make a difference in the lives of young people.

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“We may NOT have it all together but TOGETHER we have it all”

Thank you to all of you who gathered with us to address some very important issues that are affecting the lives of so many young people, their parents and families as well as the wider community, issues such as #YouthViolence #KnifeCrime #CountyLines & #SocialMedia

Thank you all for your support & standing with us! We love & appreciate you.

Together we can make a difference.

Love, First Class Legacy