#SpokenWord for the CCRC



New Spoken Word video we have created to communicate with young people on behalf of the Criminal Cases Review Commission an independent public body set up to review possible miscarriages of justice to decide if they should be referred to an appeal court. It has jurisdiction over criminal cases at any Magistrates’ or Crown Court in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their main job is to review the cases of those that feel they have been wrongly convicted of criminal offences, or unfairly sentenced.

The CCRC made the spoken word video with us to help them reach young people with convictions, because they get far fewer applications from people under 18.

They receive an even lower proportion from under 18s from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) population who make up around 45% of under 18s in custody.

The video seeks to reflect the facts on the ground so that it stands the best chance of reaching vulnerable young people with convictions who may need to know who the CCRC are and what they do so that they can make a properly informed decision about whether they need more information about, or even apply to, the CCRC

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Directed & produced by: https://twitter.com/fclegacyuk

Written & spoken by: https://twitter.com/DanmanSSQUAD

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