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Press Release: Talking is the best practice!

Monday 30th September 2019

Talking is the best practice!

First Class Legacy Ltd have been working with Sandwell Children’s Trust to engage parents who have previously been difficult to engage. The aims for Kitchen Table Talks were to create a supportive space for parents to share their experiences and learn from each other which would then reduce the feelings of isolation for parents who have children in the Youth Offending Service (YOS). Kitchen Table Talks creates a bridge between parents and the YOS for better working relationships, as well as delivering awareness raising sessions to parents about key topics that parents felt they needed help with. Kitchen Table Talks also uses a forum for involving parents in decisions about YOS service delivery.

At Kitchen Table Talks we encourage communication of all kinds! Random topics, political, social even comical. We believe that having a safe and open platform for you to share will support growth and confidence. KTT replicates the same environment as that of a kitchen where parents feel safe and at home and have the freedom to ‘chill out’. When individuals feel relaxed and are in trustworthy surroundings, the likelihood of them being more open increases. So, couple the environment with a hot drink and more importantly CAKE you now not only have a safe setting but a much more inviting and fun one too!

The work has been highlighted by the Youth Justice Board as best practice, look here:

Michael Botham – Service Manager at Sandwell Youth Offending Service said “The YOS were struggling to know how to best engage with some parents, who were mistrustful of our intentions and felt forgotten, and judged.  The parents felt a sense of isolation and were often struggling with their child’s behaviour but not knowing what to do about this. The Kitchen Table Talks concept has given a relaxed and supportive space to work through this isolation and stress via shared experience with parents who go through the same things.  It has also created a bridge between the Youth Offending Service and parents to help facilitate understanding and offer a positive feedback loop.”

Sabrina Dennis CEO of First Class Legacy said:

“It’s an honour to be working with Sandwell Children’s Trust and Youth Offending Service. It’s a pleasure to have Kitchen Table Talks noticed as ‘best and effective practice’ in terms of engaging – we are able to engage any demographic, but our speciality is to engage disproportionate groups. It’s a pleasure to serve coffee, hot chocolate and desserts and have a chat with parents so that they feel supported in a meaningful way. It also means that the practitioners in Sandwell are able to get the outcomes they are looking for, in terms of engagement too. It has been a great experience.”

It is fantastic to see this valuable work being recognised as best practice, we know that talking seems like a thing of the past, but when we find ourselves in challenging situations, talking is often the best thing we can do.  It has been brilliant to work with Sandwell Children’s Trust who are very forward thinking and have taken the bold step to take on board our recommendations in how they engage with young people and parents alike. It is hoped that the partnership and work can continue into the near future to help create change and improve the lives of children, young people and families.

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