Why working with West Midlands Combined Authority on #WMSTRONG is so important for us at First Class Legacy.

Why working with West Midlands Combined Authority on #WMSTRONG is so important for us at First Class Legacy.

For over 15 years, through different phases, we have served and worked with some of the most disenfranchised young people from across our region and many times when our street team workers are on the ground young people tell us that there are no opportunities in the region for them. The lack of hope & vision we have encountered further ignited a passion & ambition for us to strategically work with some of the most powerful key influencers in our region, to help disseminate the wealth of opportunities and good news around the different opportunities in our region, for example, in the Construction, Digital and Creative Arts industries are all growing. But we need to find innovative ways to communicate the message to the next generation in an fun, exciting and engaging way so that they truly understand and get that they belong in our society and have a place. That they are not just a statistic in the 4.2 million population of the West Midlands.

We are equally as passionate about diversity and access for all people and the right representation at a strategic leadership level so that young people can be inspired and see people who look like me in places of authority and power. We are clear it will take combined efforts, too many times the region works in silence but we are determined “to be the change we want to see in our world & region”. Prime example is the HS2 (high speed) rail  that is being developed here and over 56 billion pounds will be spent and over 30,000 new jobs created. How does that amazing news get translated onto the ground to young people, families and disaffected communities? So that they feel that sense of hope and growth in our region?

We have just had HSBC’s new headquarters open in Birmingham. Which spans across 10 floors and is the first ever digital-only branch. With over 2,000 employees that can benefit from a gymnasium, dance studio and training centre dubbed as the ‘university’. This bank’s move to Birmingham is creating 700 new jobs! We need to get this exciting news on to the ground and into the hearts & minds of young people to inspire them and iginite hope in their hearts. Too many times we hear about the doom and gloom, and young people tell us nothing is happening. We need to improve the communication and be connective with the next generation with all these opportunities.

Hence why we at First Class Legacy Ltd exist, to be that authentic bridge to young people & diverse communities. Whilst also helping organisations and companies change their behaviour around the way they do things around stakeholder engagement, especially around youth and diverse communities.

We have worked with a number of clients such as Sandwell Youth Offending Service, Sandwell Safeguarding Children’s Partnership, The Princes Trust West Midlands, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, The Local Government Association now West Midlands Combined Authority and so much more using our service from Consultancy, Training, Media, Outreach & Engagement or Specialist Events.

Nathan Dennis 

Founder of First Class Legacy Ltd